Taiwan WOC 2024

The 23 rd World Orchid Conference Tainan,

23 – 28 th February 2024

Cypripedium formosanum is now very rare in the wild, with just a few populations are left in the central mountain range.

Phalaenopsis aphrodite is still found in a few rare localities in the wild, it has now been extensively propagated.

Pleione formosana near Alishan.

The 23 rd World Orchid Conference will be held in Tainan, Taiwan from 24 – 28 th February 2024, with judging on the 23 rd of February and the show will be open from 24 th February – 10 th of March 2024.

The event is hosted by the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association (TOGA) and visitors will be able to enjoy a spectacle of Taiwan’s top class orchid breeding and growing, combined with an international orchid show and conference.

The 2024 Conference and Show

The main location for the WOC will be the ICC exhibition and conference centre in Tainan, situated next to the high-speed train station. Tainan is Taiwan’s oldest city and in 2024 will be celebrating the four-hundred-year anniversary of the founding of the Dutch colony that continued until 1662, later it was the island’s first capital from 1683 to 1887. As part of the celebrations the very popular annual lantern festival will be held on land surrounding the ICC from 24 th February to 10 th March 2024 and the grand opening will coincide with that of the WOC. In addition there will be an orchid and trade show at the Taiwan Orchid Technology Park in Houbi District, about 40 minutes from the WOC itself.

In addition to the magnificent show, all the usual aspects of a good World Orchid Conference and Show will be prominent in Tainan: an extensive international conference programme with speakers from around the world, covering not just science but also all aspects of orchid growing, exploration and history. There will be international judging, several social events, banquets, tours to see culture, orchids in the wild and orchid nurseries. More information can be found on the 23 rd WOC website: https://en.woc23.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/WOC23rdtw/

Draft outline Schedule of the 23 rd World Orchid Conference at the ICC, Tainan, Taiwan

23 rd February Friday Judging

24 th February Saturday Opening Ceremony of WOC and Lantern Festival, VIP Preview

25 th February Sunday World Orchid Conference and show open to the public.

Welcome party.

26 th February Monday World Orchid Conference and show open to the public.

27 February Tuesday World Orchid Conference and show open to the public.

Tainan Night

28 February Wednesday World Orchid Conference and show open to the public.

Closing ceremony.

29 February – 10 March Show open to