Survey of EOC Member Societies

The purpose of this survey is to clarify the current situation and the future plans of the EOC Members. We intend to use the data as a tool in a workshop to be held in conjunction with the European Orchid Conference 2024 in Dresden. 

There are not many of us, so you and your answers are very important. You can choose to answer on your own, or better still, discuss the answers as a group. The survey link can also be passed on to your regional societies and orchid clubs. Some of the open questions are not easy, but your single answer can make a big difference. So please take your time and think carefully.  Eventually, all participants will receive a summary.

Please, submit your answer by the 11th of February, 2024

Before you start, you might want to read the article “The Challenge of Orchid Societies“. (Also found in the EOC’s Article Collection for publishing).   You can comment in your own language.  If you want to change your answers, fill and send the Part again using the same email address. A confirmation email will follow. 

The survey is divided into three parts. Please, choose them one by one here:

Part 1: MappingWhat has happened and what kind of trends you have seen in your society?

Part 2: Response – What measures has your society taken to address its challenges and how effective have these measures been?

Part 3: Vision –  How do you see the future of orchid societies and the hobby in broader perspective?
+  Your permissions, name, contact, Dresden participation


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