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Topics about all kind of orchids and related issues

Orchideën Vereniging Vlaanderen

Issues/year: 4
Circulation: 320 copies
Language: Flemish
Yearly subscription price for EU countries: 25 €
Yearly subscription price for non-EU countries: 30 €
Index 1999-2016
Editor/contact: Rik Neirynck, K. Astridlaan
E-mail: rik.neirynck(at)

Denmark, Norway


Published since 1960. For many years also a magazine for Norsk Orkide Forening (the Norwegian Orchid Society). Printed in A5. There is a calendar for the meetings in the local clubs.


Dansk Orchide Klub
Norsk Orkide Forening

Circulation: 700
Issues per year: 6
Editor: Svend Erik Hansen
Email: seh-eye(at)
Phone: +45 61 60 21 44
Subscription price: 350 DKK (ca. 47,5 €)
Subscription contact: aholmen(at)
Advertisement contact: aholmen(at)
Advertisement prices:
1/1 page DKK. 700 (≈95€) pr. magazine
1/2 page DKK. 450 (≈61€) pr. magazine
1/4 page DKK. 300 (≈41€) pr. magazine
10 % less if your advertisement is published in all 6 numbers.
To change the advertisement does not cost extra if you send the file.



In 2024 we present the 57th volume of our membership journal Orkidealehti. It is published four times a year with ca. 44 pages, one of the issues being a more extensive double number. We target a scientifically valid journal that serves our members with inspiring and practical content on tropical and hardy orchids.

Suomen Orkideayhdsitys – Finlands Orkidéförening
The Finnish Orchid Society

Issues/year: 4 (Includes one double number)
Pages/issue: 44/64 – A4, colour
Circulation: 600
Language: Finnish with English summary
Subscription fee for non-members: 45 Euros
Editor/contact: Tapio Takala
E-mail: orkidealehti(at)



Knowledge – Conservation – Cultivation

La Fédération France Orchidées

Issues/year: 4
Pages/issue: 96
Circulation: 1100 per issue / Language: French (abstracts in English)
Yearly price : 35 € (France), 42€ (Worldwide)
Editor/contact: David LaFarge
E-mail: orchidophile[at]


Die Orchidee

The journal “Die Orchidee” distributed to more than 35 countries, will be published bimonthly on the DIN A4-format with more than 50 pages colourful on high-gloss paper. The topics cover tropical orchids & hardy orchids.

Deutsche Orchideen Gesellsaft

Issues/year: 6
Pages/issue: 80, colour
Circulation: 3500 
Language: German (partially English)
Yearly subscription price: 60 €
Editor/contact: Monika Eckert
E-mail: monika.eckert(at)


Orchidea és bromélia

Magyar Orchidea Társaság
Hungarian Orchid Society

Language: Hungarian
Tímea Kökény
Sándor Jónás



Caesiana is the journal of the Italian Association of Orchidology founded in 1993. From 2001 to 2009 it was the scientific journal of the EOC.that is published twice a year. Monographic journals are published irregularly. Older issues are available on request for members only.


Associazione Italiana di Orchidologia

Language: Italian
Yearly subscription price: 25€ (Shipping in EU: 6.50€ / USA: 9.50€ / Rest of World: 11.50€)
E-mail: francobruno38(at)



Distribution to FIO affiliates, included in the membership fee. The journal has the aim to diffuse  scientific, cultivation, curiosity and historical articles. The multiple cooperations with Natural Parks, Orchid Associations, enthusiasts, Biologists, researchers, botanical painters allow FIO to issue a journal thar reaches a wide range of readers with different interests on orchids. The publication is made of 16 to 24 pages in full color with a rich set of orchid pictures in situ and ex situ.

FIO in the last months has updated its website in its journal section by adding the links to all the numbers published until today (we left the last numbers of the current year due to obvious reasons enlaced to associates subscription fee…)
To read all please simply visit the page and click on the front cover image or on the related caption underneeth.

Hope you will find it interesting even if it is written only in Italian.

Associati alla Federazione Italiana Orchidee

Circulation: distributed all around Italy, twice a year
Language: Italian
Editor: Massimo Morandin
Email: segreteriafio(at)
Subscription price included in the membership fee, 20 €
Advertisements: segreteriafio(at)
Prices starting from 50€



The society produces a semi-annual newsletter “Pollinia” which is posted out to members. It contains articles and photos from members on anything orchid related and we ravenously crave more material for publishing! The journal also provides the vital function of keeping people, particularly those unable to attend the monthly meetings, updated on the goings on and forthcoming events.

Irish Orchid Society

Issues/year: 2
Yearly subscription price: 20 € (adult, single)
The publication is 32-pages, printed and mailed to all members of the Irish Orchid Society, friends and libraries.
The website has back issues of the publication.
E-mail: ios-pollinia(at)



Published since 1934, Orchideeën is the oldest orchid journal of mainland Europe. It aims to cover orchids worldwide, temperate and tropical, in the wild and in cultivation. That includes scientific news on orchid evolution and taxonomy, pollination and ecology. And the orchid industry, on its way to sustainable production and breeding of beautiful orchids. Once a privilege for the rich, orchids are now available to anyone!




Nederlandse Orchideeën Vereniging

Issues/year: 6
Pages/issue: 28, Full colour, Size A4
Circulation: 1.100
Language: Dutch
Subscription included in the membership price
Yearly membership fee Benelux: 33 €
Yearly membership fee other European countries: 40 €
Yearly membership fee outside Europe: 55 €
Topics about tropical orchids & hardy orchids
Starting year: 1934
E-mail: hoofdredacteur(at)


Jornal do Orquidófilo

Topics: Everything to do with orchids

Clube dos Orquidófilos de Portugal

Issues/year: 4
Pages: 36 Full colour
Distributed to members and sold at events.
Language: Portuguese
E-mail: clube.orquidofilos.portugal(at)



The journal is published 3-4 times a year, which registers the society’s activities and publishes original texts and photos from the members.

Associacao Portuguesa de Orquidófilia

Issues / year: 3-4
Pages / issue: 32 , Full colour
Circulation: 250, Language: Portuguese
Free distribution exclusive to members, it will also be sold at local and international exhibitions.
Editor: Ana Maria Rodrigues
E-mail: revista.apo(at)



Orchidarium is a magazine about orchids and their environment, with the firm purpose to create a base of culture and education, starting from the base that many orchid lovers know how to grow an orchid but know just a little about their life, circumstances, curiosities, and history. In this magazine you’ll find a mix of all that to make you not only grow orchids but also can speak about them.

Orchidarium Estepona

Issues / year: 3 (four-monthly).
Pages / issue: 40 pages; full colour.
Digital format, it is free downloading from the official website of
the Orchidarium of Estepona
Language: Spanish.
Editor: Manuel Lucas García.
E-mail: mlucasgarcia  [at]



Die Orchidee

Schweizerische Orchideen Gesellschaft

Issues/year: 2
Only for members
Languages: German, French Editor: Elisabeth Breitenstein
E-mail: elisabeth(at)



The Swiss Orchid Foundation annually publishes the Renziana, a bilingual (English and German) orchid journal of around 100 pages, which is developed in collaboration with renowned scientists, growers and enthusiasts. In each issue, different aspects of a genus are highlighted, such as the morphology, taxonomy, geographical distribution, ecology, history, conservation, cultivation and breeding of the plants. Probably the most interesting part for our readers is the chapter about the current taxonomy, where the classification of the plants according to the latest scientific results is shown, and each species of the genus is illustrated with a high quality colour photograph. In addition, you will find stunning pictures of the plants’ natural habitat, of hand-coloured drawings from historic books, of hybrids, and detailed distribution maps. A distinctive feature of our journal is that almost all of these pictures can be downloaded from the website of the Swiss Orchid Foundation.

Swiss Orchid Foundation

Issues/year: 1
Pages/issue: 100, Full colour
Language: German/English
Price: 17CHF/23€ (Versand EU)
Editor/contact: Lucienne de Witte/ Johann Blätter
E-mail: orchid(at)

United Kingdom

The Journal of the Hardy Orchid Society

The Journal started life in July 1996 as a quarterly Newsletter consisting of a number of duplicated A4 sheets. After seven issues the format was changed to an A5 booklet, and in January 2001 a full-colour centrefold was added. In October 2003 the format was again improved to permit full colour printing and the name was changed to “Journal of the Hardy Orchid Society (JHOS)” from the January 2004 issue. Throughout this time the Journal has informed the membership of all the recent news and planned events of the Society. JHOS publishes diverse articles (mainly written by HOS Members) covering an enormous range of relevant topics. A complete listing of the Contents of all Newsletters and Journals is maintained. When journals are four years old they are made generally available as pdf which can be downloaded from within the archive listing on the web site. An index to article subjects and authors is kindly compiled and updated annually by Colin Scrutton, a former Chairman of HOS.

The Hardy Orchid Society

4 issues a year with 36 pages to members
Editor: Mike Gasson
Email: moorend(at)
Subscription price: One off Enrolment fee: £5 or €5.00
Annual Membership fee: £17 UK or €25.00 for Europe
Membership Secretary: Moira Tarrant
Email: moira.tarrant(at)
Publicity: Andrew Parsons
Email: ap(at)
Contact the editor for help and to arrange an advert.

Great Britain

Orchid Journal

Orchid Society of Great Britain

Issues/year: 4
Pages/issue: 84, Full colour, Size A5
Circulation: 1000 Language: English
Available to members by subscription only Yearly membership fee in the UK: £20,  for extra family members £5
Supplement for postage overseas: Europe £7
Rest of the world £10
Editor/contact: Isobyl la Croix
E-mail: i.lacroix(at)

United Kingdom

The Orchid Rewiev

Published four times a year, this vibrant magazine is dedicated to the celebration and deeper understanding of orchids. More than a century old, The Orchid Review is the world’s senior orchid publication that brings with it the long-standing expertise of the RHS on growing, showing and studying these irresistible plants Each eclectic, 64-page issue features articles by internationally acclaimed experts on topics including cultivation, in-depth plant profiles, historical investigation, orchid exploration and all the latest from the world of orchid growing and showing.

The Royal Horticulture Society

Website: The Orchid Review / RHS Gardening
Circulation and issues per year: c. 2000 /4 x
Monthly free newsletter : The Orchid Review Newsletter (
Editor, email:
Subscription price: £29 – £37
Subscription contact: RHS Magazine Subscriptions
Advertisement contact: RHS Magazine Subscriptions


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