The most important thing is to have a good communication between the members

As the president of an orchid society for 20 years, my experience was to improve communication:
What really created strong relationship between the members was organising big orchid shows: first we started Swiss orchid shows and later, once we were very well trained, an EOCCE. For each event, we had a working team of approximately 15 members during 5 years of preparation, and the last year we added some 50 volunteer helpers, members, relatives, and friends. The result was: more members, more communication between them, new activities, and more income.
We organised trips to many WOC and EOCCE exhibitions, such as Japan, Brazil, Rome, London, Glasgow, Dresden, Hannover,
Later, when I organised the WOC in Dijon, part of my team and volunteers came from Switzerland. They were so happy to be part of a new challenge.
The society went from 30 members to 400 members in 15 years.

Creating traffic on your website

A simple way to create traffic on the website is to write an article on “How to care for Phalaenopsis”. In the Finnish Orchid Society this Google search phrase counts for 55% of the incoming traffic. Compared to this, the society name alone catches 21% of the visitors.

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