AGM European Orchid Council

Sunday 1st May 2022 at 10.00
Central European Time via ZOOM
Please use this link:

(Meeting-ID: 850 0643 1551, Code: 917414)





1. Welcome, Clare Hermans
2. Apologies, Clare Hermans
3. Minutes of Zoom meeting 8th May 2020, Clare Hermans


4. Annual Report, Clare Hermans
5. Report of finances, Ari Matikka
Update on the Norwegian Orchid Society
Membership Fees

Financial statement 2021
Membership fees 31.12.2021

6. Members, Clare Hermans & Ari Matikka
Update on Current Members
Proposed New Members: The Dendrobium & Fuukiran Association & AMAO



7. Vote on the Process to accredit EOC member Societies’ Judging Systems, All


8. Update on EOC-Website, Ari Matikka
9. Status EOCCE 2024 Dresden, Franz-Josef Richardt
10. Proposal for EOCCE 2027 Italy FIO, All

Presentation by Massimo Morandin, Chairman of FIO

Presentazione Candidatura EOCCE

11. Election of Secretary General, All
Presentation by David Lafarge
Transfer of Chair


12. Election of New Board Member, All
Dr Hermans
13. Re-election of Board Members, All
Mr Diana, Mr Lafarge, Mr Matikka & Mr Richardt.
14. Invitation to EOC to be a Founding Sponsor of the World Orchid Conference Trust, David Lafarge
Recommendations by EOC Board
15. Date of Next AGM Spring 2023, All
16. Any Other Business, All

EOC Statutes Valid version 12.05.2021

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