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Name of the lecturerTitle of the lectureAbstracts of the lectureDate and place of the lecture
Auf Orchideensuche in SumatraThe lecture in GermanEOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
Einige taxonomische Probleme der mitteleuropaischen OrchideenfloraThe lecture in GermanEOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
ABRANTE, Alejandro & APOLO, CarmenBiodiversity in Venezuelan OrchidsBiodiversity in Venezuelan OrchidsEOCCE 2006, Padua, Italy
ALBOUY, Josette (France)Les viruses des orchidees.The detection of orchids viruses by the immunoenzymatic “E.L.I.S.A.” testsEOCCE 1988, Paris, France
ARIAS, Manolo (Peru)In Vitro Propagation of Phragmipedium kovachiiPhragmipedium description, and its propagation in Peru forests.EOCCE 2006, Padua, Italy
ARIAS, Manolo (Peru)Growing Phragm. Kovachii  and its hybridsEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
BAILES, Christopher ( UK)Using hardy orchids in the garden.The techniques of growing hardy orchids, hardy orchids for a wide range of garden situations, from beds and borders to wildflower meadow.EOCCE 2003, London, England
BAILES, Christopher ( UK)The Eric Young Orchid Foundation.The Eric Young Orchid Foundation presenting.EOCCE 1988, Paris, France
BARENDSEN, W. P.Paphiopedilum, seen from a commercial point of viewPaphiopedilum genera hybrids description.EOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
BARTOLO, Giuseppina, PULVERENTI, Santa (Italy)Serapias orientalis subsp. apulica new record from SicilySerapias orientalis subsp. apulica description and its taxonomical belonging.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
BATEMAN, RichardEncounters with terrestrial orchids: from downland to DNAEOCCE 2003, London, England
BAUMBACH, Norbert (Germany)Die Situation Heimischer   Orchideen in Deutschland an   einigen ausgewählten   BeispielenEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
BAYONOVE, Jacqueline et FOUCHE, Jean Gabriel (France)Determination de la teneur en elements mineraux du milieu de culture adapte a la germination in vitro de la graine d’orchideeA new method to create a sutable medium for the in vitro germination of a strain of orchid seedsEOCCE 1988, Paris, France
BEER, Roger (Switzerland)De quelques raretés végétales des parcs genevoisesLecture in frenchEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
BEHAR, Moises (USA)The genus LepanthesThe genus Lepanthes description.EOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
BELETSCKY, Igor (USSR)“Jewels”-the forgotten treasures.“Jewel” orchid in vitro propagation, basic requirements for the good unkeep.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
BENEDETTO, Aracri PASHKOULOV Dimitre, Restuccia Umberto, Rossi Walter (Italy)Asymbiotic germination and growth of Dactylorhiza elata for conservation purposeThe description of rare Italian orchid Dactylorhiza elata, its in vitro cultivation and the preventive measures not to loose the plant.EOCCE 2006, Padua, Italy
BERG, G. A. van denClimate regulationIncreasing the air temperature in the glasshouse results. Decreasing the air temperature results. Decreasing the radiation and light intensity. Decreasing the plant temperature. Humidity of the air. Increasing the light intensity. To influence the day lengthEOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
BERG, J.Growing Paphiopedilums in orchid cases. 12 years of experienceThe description of Paphiopedilums and ways of it successful growingEOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
BIANCO, P., D’EMERICO S., MEDAGLI, P. and RUGGIERO, L. (Italy)Synopsys: the present cytotaxonomic knowledge of a few genera of the Serapiadinae subtribe (Ophirydeae tribe, Orchidaceae Fam.) of the Apulia region (Italy)Synopsys: the present cytotaxonomic knowledge of a few genera of the Serapiadinae subtribe (Ophirydeae tribe, Orchidaceae Fa.) of the Apulia region (Italy)EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
BLINOVA, Ilona (Russia)Subarctic orchids: life at the Northern limitsOrchids’ adaptation process to the life at the northern limit of their existence.EOCCE 2006, Padua, Italy
BLINOVA, Ilona (Russia)Orchids In North-East   FennoscandiaEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
BOCKEMUHL, Leonore (Germany)Die gattung Odontoglossum H.B.KLecture in GermanEOCCE 1988, Paris, France
BONE, Ruth (England)Orchids and eMonocot – a web-based treatment for monocot plants of the worldEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
BORRIS, HeinrichKohlenstoff-Assimilation und diurnaler Säurerhythmus epiphytischer OrchideenLecture in germanEOK 1967, Vienna, Austria
BRUNO, Franco (Italy)The structure and functions of the velamen in epiphytic orchids in relation to their cultivation.A detailed survey of the anatomy and physiology of orchid roots and leaves.EOCCE 2003, London, England
BULLINI, L., ARDUINI, P., CIANCHI, R., ROSSI, W., CORRIAS, B. (Italy)Allozymes in the study of the genetic structure of orchids populationsDegree of genetic variability in natural populations, and possible correlations with ecological and biological parameters, levels of genetic divergence estimated between local populations and species and so on.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
CASTILLON, J. Bernard (France)Orchidees malgaches et des mascareignes et hybrids nouveauxMadagascar and Mascarene orchids, new hybrids.EOCCE 1988, Paris, France
CASTRO, Paiva neto Vittorino (Brasil)Coconut fiber a new substratum to orchids culture.New substrate Coxim description.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
CASTRO, Vitorino Paiva, (Brasil)Neuigkeiten bei der Gattung   BaptistoniaEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
CHASE, MarkDNA data and Orchidaceae Systematics-a new phylogenetic classification.The changes in the evolutionary relationships and classification of orchids due to the changes in DNA data.EOCCE 2003, London, England
CHIRON, Guy R. & . CASTRO, Vitorino P Neto.What are Brasilian Laelias?The history of genus Laelia. Four new genera for Brasilian Laelias.EOCCE 2003, London, England
CHRISTIANSEN, Jens (Denmark)What is Green/mix for orchids?What is Green/mix for orchids?EOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
COTTON, GloriaThe professional ways of an AmateurHow to grow orchids for amateurs.EOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
COURET, P. E.Catasetum species of VenezuelaCatasetum species of Venezuela description.EOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
CRIBB, Phillip (England)Orchids at KEWKew history. Orchids of KEW description.EOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
CRIBB, Phillip (England)The orchids of the South-West pacific islands.South-West pacific islands flora description.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
CRIBB, Phillip (England)Has the IUCN/SSS Orchid specialist group a future?Orchids and conservation. The orchids fraternity. What changes opinions? Who changes policy? The future of the orchid specialist group.EOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
CRIBB, Phillip (England)Paphiopedilums in the limestone mountains of southern China and northern VietnamSouthern China and northern Vietnam area description. Orchids conservationEOCCE 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark
CRIBB, Phillip (England)Old fiends and new: fresh insights into the evolution and classification of Cymbidium.New and poorly known species of Cymbidium. Conservation, Psylogenetics and classification. New classification, origins.EOCCE 2003, London, England
CRIBB, Phillip and McGOUGH, Noel (England)The thin divide-Slipper Orchid Distributions and ecology in ChinaIntroduction China as a home of more slipper orchids. Distribution. Clima. Cypripedium habitats. Paphiopedilum habitat.EOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
CROUS, Hildegard (South-Africa)Natural variations of popular Disa breeding speciesThe small lecture about Disa hybridsEOCCE 2006, Padua, Italy
CROUS, Hildegard (South-Africa)Disa species of the Langeberg Mountain RangeEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
CUSI, SandroMexican Orchid species and their habitats.EOCCE 2003, London, England
D’AGLIANO, Giovanni (Italy)Orchids cultivated in Italy.The analysis of parasitic and non-parasitic diseases which occur in orchid cultivation in Italy.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
D’ALESSANDRO, DennisThe Orchids of Ecuador and BoliviaDescription of the variety of the Orchids of Ecuador and BoliviaEOCCE 2006, Padua, Italy
DALSTROM, Stig (U.S.A)Orchid Research In The Land Of The Thunder DragonEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
DAVIES, Paul HarcourtEuropean Terrestrial Orchids-their study and photographyEOCCE 2003, London, England
DE LANGE-van AALDEREN, L. M.A survey of orchid growing by amateurs in the Netherlands today.How to grow orchids at greenhouses, at home.EOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
DEBURGHGRAEVE, GuidoOdontoglossum: Past, Present, Future. Taxonomic problems for the amateur.Problems with the correct identification of Odontoglossum plants in past and now.EOCCE 2003, London, England
DE WITTE, Lucienne (Switzerland)World Orchid IconographyEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
DIXON, Kingsley W. and COLLINS, M.T. (Australia)Propagation and cultivation of Australian orchidsMethods of propagation and cultivation of some Australian orchid species, which grow during cold moist winter and dry summer.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
DRESSLER, Robert L. (Balboa)The delineation of genera in the Epidendrum complex.The definition of the genus Epidendrum.The description of the genus.EOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
DUPONT, Charlotte (France)Some aspects about Eurpean orchid protectionEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
ELGERSMA, O. and MEIJER, G.Plant culture under artificial lightLight and life. Light and plant growth. Photomorphogenesis. Light and horticulture.EOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
ENGEL, R.Dactylorhiza cruenta dans les Alpes françaisesThe lecture in FrenchEOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
ENGEL, R.Orchidees de la France meridionaleThe lecture in FrenchEOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
ESZEKI, Eszter, MANDY, Andrea, (Hungary)News on in vitro propagation   of terrestrial orchidsEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
ESZÉKI, Eszter (Hungary)Experiences during the cultivation of new acquired orchid species in the ELTE Botanical Garden, HungaryEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
EVELEENS, P. W.Marketing of orchid flowers in the NetherlandsMarketing of orchid flowers in the NetherlandsEOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
FANFANI, Alberto (Italy)The cultivation of unusual exotic botanical species.The cultivation for the species, which though extremely wide-spread in the wild in their countries of origin, are seldom cultivated since they either produce insignificant flowers or fail to awake the interest of collectionists to their commonness.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
FAST, GertrudNeue Erfahrungen mit OrchideenaussaatenLecture in germanEOK 1967, Vienna, Austria
FISHER, Jerry LeeOrchid adventure in BorneoA variety of orchid habitats in Borneo, its description and analysis. Special attention to Paphioprdilums.EOCCE 2003, London, England
FLORSCHUTZ, P. A.Orchids in the junglesDescription of the jungle orchidsEOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Von RAMIN IngridDie Kultur europaischer OrchideenThe lecture in GermanEOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
FROSCH, Werner (Germany)Asymbiotic propagation of European orchidsThe symbiotic and asymbiotic methods description. The combination of both methods success.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
GARREAU DE LOUBRESSE, Xavier (France)Barlia Robertiana (Loiseleur-Delon-Champs) Greuter.Synonymy, biotops, vegetative sysle abd morphology/growth , sexed abd asexual reproduction, varieties and hybrids, protection of Barlia RobertianaEOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
GATHOYE, D. Tyteca et J.-L. (Belgium)Recherches Biostatistiques sur les Dactylorhiza d’europe occidentale.Biostatical research on western-european species of DactylorhizaEOCCE 1988, Paris, France
GERLACH, Günter (Germany)The true sexual life of Catasetum and CycnochesHystory of Catasetum and Cycnoches, Pollination process of Catasetum and CycnochesEOCCE 2006, Padua, Italy
GERLACH, Günter (Germany)The genus CoryanthesThe genus Coryanthes description. Its species.EOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
GERLACH, Günter (Germany)The subtribe Stanhopeinae-biology and systematics.A survey of subtribe Stanhopeinae, the description of morphology and pollination biology of six groups of genera.EOCCE 2003, London, England
GERLACH, Günter (Germany)The Acineta group – ecology and new insightsEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
GRAVENDEEL, Barbara (Netherlands)Coelogyne-matching molecules with morphology and distribution patterns.Coelogyne-matching molecules with morphology and distribution patterns.EOCCE 2003, London, England
GRAVENDEEL, Barbara (Netherlands)The Role of Developmental   Genes In Orchid EvolutionEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
GRIFFITHS, MarkRan-the orchids of JapanEOCCE 2003, London, England
GROTE, Sigrid (Germany)CoelogyneThe genus Coelogyne description. Its species.EOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
GRUSS, Olaf (Germany)The variability of the albine forms of the slipper orchidsThe description of albine forms of orchids, its variety.EOCCE 2006, Padua, Italy
GRUSS, Olaf (Germany)The genus PhragmipediumHistory of the genus, its taxonomy.EOCCE 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark
GRUSS, Olaf (Germany)Low growth forms within the Genus Phragmipedium Section LorifoliaDescription of low growth reasons of PhragmipediumEOCCE 2000, Copenhagen, Denmark
GRUSS, Olaf (Germany)The genus PhragmipediumThe history and taxonomy of the genus Phragmipedium. Also considered genera Mexipedium and SelenipediumEOCCE 2003, London, England
GRUSS, Olaf (Germany)Vietnamese Paphiopedila and their hybridsEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
GUT, JiriDas Wasser für Orchideen und seine AufbereitungLecture in germanEOK 1967, Vienna, Austria
HAGSATER, Eric (Mexica)Advances in the understanding of the genus EpidendrumAdvances in the understanding of the genus EpidendrumEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
HARDING, Patricia, (U.S.A)Huntleya And Their RelativesEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
HASEGAWA, Norito (USA)Recent trends in Paphiopedilum hybridizingMulti-flowering hybrids. Brachypetalous hybrids. Maudiae type hybrids. Novelty hybrids using standart complex hybrids. Parvisepalous hybrids.EOCCE 1988, Paris, France
HASEGAWA, Norito (USA)Parvisepalous Paphiopedilums and their recent hybridsParvisepalous Paphiopedilums and their recent hybridsEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
HEAD, CordeliaOrchids of EcuadorOrchids of Ecuador descriptionEOCCE 2003, London, England
HEBERT, Georges (France)Etude de la photosynthese et de ses relations avec le thermoperiodisme chez une orchidee epiphyte: sophrolaeliocattleya et une orchidee terrestre: PaphiopedilumA study of photosynthesis and its relations to the thermoperiodism in an epiphyte orchid and a terrestrial orchidEOCCE 1988, Paris, France
HENTRICH, Heiko, GOTTSBERGER, Gerhard, JÜRGENS, Andreas (Germany)Ethological isolation due to different floral scent chemotypes within a population of Gongora quinquenervisEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
HENTIG V., Wolf-UweBlumenfenster und Vitrinen für Orchideen und andere ZierpflanzenLecture in germanEOK 1967, Vienna, Austria
HERMANS, Johan (Great Britain)Madagascar, Orchids from a world out of timeEndemic orchid flora of Madagascar is discussedEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
HERMANS, Johan (England)Some Orchids from MadagascarEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
HERMANS, Clare and JohanThe life and times of the Royal Horticultural Society Orchid Committee.The history of the Royal Horticultural Society orchid Committee.EOCCE 2003, London, England
HIRTZ, AlexanderExploring the evolution of Andean Orchids.The history of the evolution of Andean OrchidsEOCCE 2003, London, England
HÜRKAN, Kaan, GÖNÜZ, Ahmet (Turkey)Molecular phylogenetic affinity of Orchis Anatolica and neotinea tridentata taxa using DNA sequencingEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
ILLYÉS, Zoltán (Hungary)Orchids in the Carpathian Basin and their mycorrhizal associationsEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
JENNY, Rudolf (Switzerland)Der subtribus GongorinaeThe subtribe Gongorinae description.EOCCE 1988, Paris, France
JENNY, Rudolf (Switzerland)An introduction to the genus Stanhopea frost ex hooker (Orchidaceae)description of genus Stanhopea. Its distribution, pollination process. Taxonomy.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
JENNY, Rudolf (Switzerland)New and lost species of the genus StanhopeaNew and lost species of the genus StanhopeaEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
JENNY, Rudolf (Switzerland)The genus StanhopeaEOCCE 2003, London, England
JENNY, Rudolf (Switzerland)Dekorativ, auch ohne BlütenEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
JENNY, Rudolf (Switzerland)How reliable is Orchid literature?EOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
KELLER, Kurt (Switzerland)Thaï orchids in 3DThe great diversity of orchids in Thailand is discussedEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
KHOO, Chong Yee, (China)Orchideen in Singapor (Ausblick auf 20. WOK)EOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
KHOO, Chong Yee, (China)Digital photography of OrchidsThe secret of good orchids photo.EOCCE 2006, Padua, Italy
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KUUSK, Vilma (Estonian S.S. R.)The orchid flora of the Soviet Baltic republics and particularly that of the Estonian S.S.R.Description of the Soviet Baltic republics flora, with main accent to Estonian flora. The orchids of The Baltic republics.EOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
La CROIX, IsobylFollowing Dr. Livingstone Orchids collected on the Zambezi Expedition, 1858-1863The story of the expedition of Dr. Livingstone 1858-1863. The orchids found in the country where Dr. David Livingstone explored the South-central Africa were described.EOCCE 2003, London, England
LECOUFLE, Marcel (France)Les AngraecoidesLecture in frenchEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
LECOUFLE, Marcel (France)Photographie en trios dimensionsThe lecture in FrenchEOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
LECOUFLE, Marcel (France)Le Viet-Nam et ses orchideesThe orchids of Vietnam descriptionEOCCE 1988, Paris, France
LECOUFLE, Marcel (France)Les parfums des orchidéesLecture in frenchEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
LECOUFLE, Françoise (France)MiltoniaLecture in frenchEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
LECOUFLE, M. (France)Phalaenopsis and other hot house orchidsSome hot house orchids description.EOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
LECOUFLE, Maurice (France)The lecture about CymbidiumThe lecture in FrenchEOCCE 1979, Zurich, Switzerland
LECOUFLE, Maurice (France)Les Miltoniopsis et Odontoglossum hybrids et genres alliesMiltoniosis and Odontoglossum, hybrids and associated generaEOCCE 1988, Paris, France
LECOUFLE, Philippe (France)Cattleya hybridizing over a centuryLecture in frenchEOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
LEFFRING, L.Influence flowering in CymbidiumInfluence flowering in CymbidiumEOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
LENARD, Andras (Rumania)The Orchids of the Piatra   Craiului National Park   (Romania)EOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
LENARD, Andreas (Rumania)The National Park Piatra Craiului (Königstein) treasures: the terrestrial orchidsEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
LIGHT, Marilyn H. S.North American Cypripediums-Horticultural OpportunitiesThe North American species of Cypripedium are introduced and their horticultural potential discussed.EOCCE 2003, London, England
LIZAMA, Carlos R. (Guatemala)Orchids of GuatemalaOrchids of Guatemala descriptionEOCCE 1988, Paris, France
LONZANO. Miguel Ángel, MENCHACA, Rebeca (Mexiko)The relationship between Mexican orchids and peopleEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
MANDRAGON, Mariana (Germany)The orchid code and modularization of the orchid perianth.EOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
MANNING, Steve (England)European Orchid Hunting   in The New WorldEOCCE 2009, Dresden, Germany
MÁNDY, Andrea (Hungary)The advantages of plant extracts in orchid micropropagationEOCCE 2012, Budapest, Hungary
MATTES, Paul (Austria)Vortrag uber orchideenstandorte in S.O.-AsienOrchids in their natural habitat in South-East AsiaEOCCE 1988, Paris, France
MATTES, Paul (Austria)Orchids at their natural habitat in Central and South AmericaThe continuation of the previous lecture in Paris, showing surprisingly large populations of orchids and shorts of very rare species.EOCCE 1991, Rome, Italy
MEEUWISSEN, E.Cymbidium cultivationCymbidium cultivation aspectsEOCCE 1976, Amsterdam, Netherlands
MENZIES, DavidThe National Dendrobium Collection at Glasgow Botanic GardensThe national collection of Dendrobiums held at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens is described and some of the more interesting plants considered.EOCCE 2003, London, England
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MORRISON, Alasdair (England)Some thoughts on the history of orchid-growingCities and Biodiversity convention, both of which have very large implications for orchidists are discussed.EOCCE 1997, Geneva, Switzerland
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